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VOTING HAS CLOSED for the 2020 Dubby's!!

We have had some great press coverage and over 3,500+ voters and over 24,000 votes!!


Illustration by Ella Knott

From the Jamaica Gleaner

"Speaking of a brand that is uniquely Jamaican, Panton said he believes that the idea was embraced by many because the Dubwise platform would be staging these awards for all the right reasons. “Another part of the response has to do with Dubwise being a platform that will do this for the right reasons. Unfortunately, a lot of people start awards for the wrong reasons. I think some people get into it for the hype aspect of it, meaning they want to be able to have artistes repost and promote the show to grow their platform. Dubwise is an internationally successful platform, one people are already familiar with, and so there is no sales pitch necessary to garner support for this venture. Dubwise has done the groundwork over the past seven going on eight years, and this would just be the culmination of all of that work, staying consistent in what we do and continuing to make meaningful contributions to the culture.”

“This was a response to three major factors,” Panton told the Jamaica Observer.

“I saw where there was just a great amount of work being put out this year, both in terms of quality and quantity and I just wanted to recognise that. This become even more important given that this year there have been no shows. I just felt that the artistes deserve a pat on the back for producing this incredible body of work and for pushing through even though the world is experiencing a pandemic.”

Panton consulted with a wide range of industry players in order to obtain a broad perspective as to what is happening in the local music industry.

“It was necessary to talk to people, which ranged for the young to the more experienced. For the first year, we wanted to limit the number of categories, keep the process very tight and try to eliminate any political biases that would favour any one camp which exists in the music over another.”

“The nominees were based on work output, social media presence and interaction. The winners will be determined strictly by the public. We the organisers have no hand in choosing the winners. Our voting process will be made transparent so that at the end of the day all the nominees will be able to see what the fans had to say about them. This will help the artiste to know where they stand and what there are doing right or not doing right based on the feedback,” said Panton.

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