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SKIP MARLEY EP! Taking us to a Higher Place on August 28th

Skip Marley, son of Cedella Marley (Tuff Gong Boss, Melody Maker & Reggae Girlz philanthropist) is set to release his first EP 'Higher Place' right in time for Grammy season.

A surname or connection may get you in the door or a listening ear, but when it comes to making a great song, it's really only the talent of the artist, producer, team and the universe that can conspire to make greatness. Skip is in an elite category not only because of his world-renowned surname, but because he was bubblin on the Billboard top 100 just like a mighty dread with the hit song 'Slow Down' featuring soulful sensation H.E.R.

Higher Place will be released this Friday August 28 2020. The EP is comprised of 7 tracks with features from H.E.R, Rick Ross, Ari Lenoxx, Damian Marley and the title track Higher Place featuring his grandfather, the legend himself, Bob Marley. From what we've heard, he has found a unique sound scape that fuses his historic reggae roots with contemporary sonic elements of hip hop, r&b and popular music.

Creating the perfect balance of this mix is a challenge for many artists from Jamaica trying to achieve a cross-over sound, but we feel if anyone can do would be Skip. Due to his great commercial success so far, a new generation of music fans will get tuned into the modern sounds of Jamaican music, and hopefully from listening to Skip will also be curious about other artists making their mark in the genre.

Skip is no stranger to Dubwise. He has made several appearances over the last 5 years, at Dubwise Miami always displaying his mastery of the sound station, choppin it just as fluently as his uncles and cousins in traditional toasting style. See a clip here

Review the tracklist and get ready to stream and support the next generation.

Higher Place

Tracklist :

  1. Higher Place feat Bob Marley

  2. Slow Down feat H.E.R.

  3. Make me feel feat. Rick Ross & Ari Lennox

  4. My World

  5. Faith

  6. No Love

  7. That's not true feat Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley

Pre-Order here

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