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PROTOJE TALKS DI TINGS! Self defense Anti Dub

Protoje isn't joining the bandwagon of artists voicing dubplates for Politicians during Jamaica's 2020 election cycle. This Covid election cycle in Jamaica has been one of the most entertaining in recent memory with big Dancehall artistes such as Spice, Tommy Lee and many others voicing dubs in support of political candidates. This is a very unusual scenario for anyone used to the hardline drawn between artists and politicians.

Well, not every artist is in support of this kind of thing including Bounty Killer. Protoje said things that simply needed to be said...take a listen:

"Yo lots of Politicians blame the music for everything yet when time come they turn to the Music to catch the people. Yes me have politicians that I rate and respect highly same way, but if the Stone Naa touch you please don’t squeal. Naa judge no artist for being involved, this a just my argument for me, let’s debate!!" @Protoje

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