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Leno Banton son of the great DJ Burro Banton has found a sound.

Photo: Tatyana Rahale

Coming fresh off of Leno's Dubby's nomination, Brown Sugar reminds us of the sweet spot between reggae and dancehall that has not been as present as when we were 'outside'. It's the kind of song that makes girls wants to dance which is a gap that needs filling 🤗. Sonically, Leno has been one of the generation z Jamaican artists that have flirted with various sub-genres ranging from lofi hip hop, chill trap, modern dancehall, and future reggae sounds (a blend of hip hop, trap, reggae and dancehall). All of that experimentation has brought him full circle to the catchy hooks and bubblin bassline that is Brown Sugar.

On this record, his vocal delivery sounds urgent, and has matured since his previous releases.'s an important part of moving from an emerging talent to an established artist to be viewed as a part of the new pack of Jamaican talent. This song, and the project Mr Loverman reflects a direction into catchy modern dancehall / future reggae vibe that is representative of the new wave of Jamaican music and sounds. If Brown Sugar is an indication of the direction it will be one well received.

The Brown Sugar video is a retro lo-fi treat that uniquely reflects Leno's aesthetic. It's a refreshing visual piece that showcases outfits and styling that Osunya Minott has made a name for herself putting together & creating. Director Mark ‘Mvrk POV’ Llewellyn

& AD DavyFresh deliver dopeness that puts the exclamation mark on a song that will certainly win Leno Banton new listeners and lovers.

Pree the Dubwise Jamaica debut of the Brown Sugar video below:


Producer: Natty Produxtions

Co-Producer: Leno Banton

Directed by: Mark ‘Mvrk POV’ Llewellyn

Assistant Director: DavyFreshh

Edited by: Mark ‘Mvrk POV’ Llewellyn & Leno Banton

Stylist: Osunya Minott

Make up: Natania Knight

Set Design: Celine Deidrick & Osunya Minott

Talent: Stephanie Lawrence, Dana Ivey & Christina Brown

Special thanks to Gem World

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