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A look at the Coral Gardens Massacre by Keznamdi from his album Bloodline.


Keznamdi has something to say. Between the recent trimming of a young woman with locks in Jamaica, the lockdowns due to Covid and the hysteria and mis-information around vaccinations; society is at a crossroads. The rich are getting richer, the middle class is squeezed, and the police are more emboldened than ever before.

With all these crisis and more - this short film about the Coral Gardens Massacre in Jamaica is synchronous with many of the ongoing injustices facing indigenous people all over the world. For background on the Coral Gardens Massacre click here. Despite the Government of Jamaica officially apologizing in 2017, Rastafarians still face undue discrimination and lack of inclusion in the emerging marijuana industry. All while 'Brand Jamaica' is built on the backs of Rasta culture. This is just one of many stories that needs to be told. Music is the weapon chosen by Keznamdi and Los Angeles based Director Ivor McCray to fight this battle.

Justice was Shot in Jamaica, featuring some familiar faces of the Jamaican contemporary reggae movement such as: Mortimer, Jesse Royal, Kadeem Wilson, and Kalia Reid.

Take some time and watch this beautifully shot visual interpretation of the 'Bad Friday' incident narrated by the voice of Keznamdi & Errol Edwards.

Watch the video here:


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