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As the sound of Reggae continues to evolve we at Dubwise Jamaica will be classifying this familiar, but new soundscape as Future Reggae. The term is meant to contextualize the new sounds that have parts of reggae, dancehall hip hop, trap etc, but are distinctly different than reggae in the execution of the production. The sounds are not necessarily a direct interpolations of classic reggae and dancehall (although it could be), but rather a contemporary take on reggae by the next generation aka the New Wave.

Okay, now that we have that explanation covered...

Leno Banton son of the dancehall General Burro Banton has put out quite a bit of music since his appearance on the scene. Our ears first heard Leno on the REM SZN (2016) project. He's at the forefront of new Jamaican musical underground sounds and flips between 'Yard Trap' and 'Future Reggae'. On the latest single 'Brown Sugar' Banton found a bouncy and super catchy riddim that sounds like the perfect fit for his delivery style. We hope to hear more like this from the Young Banton. *Warning* This song is addictive!

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