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Our contemporary reggae historian & DJ Dutty Bookman gives us a musical meditation.

THE SACRED OATH OF VAUGHN BENJAMIN. This mix is perfectly mixed and is a great listen for relaxation, meditation and reflection. Don't scream...just stream this perfect mix.

Vaughn Benjamin must be recognized as the most important lyricist of esoteric knowledge in RasTafari Reggae tradition to date. He has left behind a timeless legacy of music after more than 25 years as lead singer for the band Midnite, plus another 4 years as Akae Beka. "Around the time when Midnite disbanded and Vaughn assumed the name Akae Beka, I was learning about a European side of my ancestry. My research led me to discover that one of the persons in my lineage was a man by the name of James Bruce, known to have brought 3 copies of the Book of Enoch out of Ethiopia. Soon, I was contacted to write a bio for Vaughn's new website, for him to explain why he chose 'Akae Beka' as his new moniker. In our conversation, he told me that he got the words 'Akae' and 'Beka' directly from the Book of Enoch. They represent a sacred oath (and its principal part) that aligns in an uncanny way with Vaughn's persona.

"When I take a look at the life work of Vaughn Benjamin, first with Midnite, then as Akae Beka, it is clear that he swore his oath from the very start. His catalog of roughly 3 decades is unrelenting in spreading all the reasons why H.I.M. Haile Selassie I is worthy to be praised. "Vaughn Benjamin passed away on my 37th birthday, November 4, 2019, triggering a deep self-reflection. Analyzing my own life work and incorporating the knowledge of my connection to the man whose travels to Ethiopia yielded the very text that became useful to Vaughn, I have an acute sense of duty to ensure this great messenger is not forgotten. The Sacred Oath of Vaughn Benjamin is my first act of this duty. More than just a mix, it is a musical story that unfolds for listeners who listen keenly. I sincerely hope that it will be heard far and wide from this day, Vaughn's first birthday since his passing, onward into eternity.” - Dutty Bookman [August 13, 2020]

Follow @duttybookman on Instagram and Twitter. Artwork by Kedar Davis, @artbyancient on Instagram.

TRACK LIST: 1. Intense Reasoning* 2. Music To Honor I King [from Midnite album 'In Awe'] 3. Ideals Of The Emperor [from Akae Beka album 'Portals'] 4. Voices Of The Remnancy [from Midnite album 'Ride Tru'] 5. Kin Dread [from Midnite album 'Jah Grid'] 6. Don't Be Scared [from Midnite album 'Momentum'] 7. Earth Cycle Now A RasTa [from Midnite album 'Jubilees Of Zion'] 8. Citadel [from Midnite album 'Ina Now'] 9. Dem A Warriah [from Akae Beka album 'Portals'] 10. Bazra [from Midnite album 'Scheme A Things'] 11. Abadan Abyss [from Midnite album 'Ainshant Maps'] 12. Gather Them In [from Midnite album 'Treasure'] 13. Elixir [from Akae Beka album 'Jahsaydo'] 14. Under The Sun [from Akae Beka album 'Mek A Menshun'] 15. A Reminder [from Midnite album 'Beauty For Ashes'] 16. A, Ah [from Akae Beka album 'Jahsaydo'] 17. Stagnation [from Midnite album 'What Makes A King'] 18. Children Of Jah [from Midnite album 'Children Of Jah'] 19. Where Are They Now [from Midnite album 'Scheme A Things'] 20. World Citizenship [from Akae Beka album 'Homage To The Land'] 21. Call Out To Jah [from Akae Beka album 'Homage To The Land'] 22. RasTa Man Stand [from Midnite album 'Ras Mek Peace'] 23. All Ye Naashan [from Midnite album 'Vijan'] 24. Superstructures [from Akae Beka album 'Nurtured Frequency'] 25. Ras To The Bone [from Midnite album 'Jubilees Of Zion'] 26. Dem A Wondaa [from Midnite album 'Infinite Quality'] 27. Birthright Is The Ticket [from Midnite album 'Jubilees Of Zion'] 28. Earth Is The Lord's [from Midnite album 'Kings Bell'] 29. Agenda Fi Sound [from Akae Beka album 'Nurtured Frequency'] 30. Loose The Gates [from Akae Beka album 'Livicated'] 31. Exalt The Crown [from Midnite album 'Kings Bell' + dub from Akae Beka album 'Kings Dub'] *Track 1 is Vaughn Benjamin speaking to a small gathering in Costa Rica, 2012, taken from the archives of Dutty Bookman.


Available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Artwork by @artbyancient

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