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Dubwise Gondar, Ethiopia Pt. 1


We have to admit, the franchising of the Dubwise brand is not a scientific formula. It's an effort built from love & passion. Our longtime associate Aregache aka Selamta Yoga recently found opportunity in the 'Camelot of Africa' Gondar, Ethiopia. It's important for us to keep Dub & Reggae current in the Motherland, and to do so we need to plant seeds. Enjoy as we unfold her full journey and story in Journey to Dubwise. Pt.1

For the love of reggae & nature we seek the truth and find it. March 4, 2019. On a drive down from one of Gondar’s 7 surrounding mountains , with a mix of the sweetest sounds coming from Jamaica blasting thru the Bajaj (Tuktuk). I learned of a Castle called Ras (Ras Genb) that is the home to an Art Project called Gondar Art Tank founded by a French Anthropologist, Sienna De Menonville.

Historically an Art City, surrounded by a fortress of Ancient Castles that attracts an influx of tourists annually, a strategic location in Ethiopia’s unification, home of the original 44 ancient monasteries & a growing RASTA YOUTH CULTURE! Gondar City is enchanting indeed and the perfect incubator for Dubwise Jamaica & Art Comes First!

Follow this journey as we share more historical facts about Gondar, Ethiopia & why Dubwise Ethiopia is an exciting space to watch.

- Aregache 🇪🇹


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