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DUBWISE TOP 5 - Reggae sounds of August

What a summer it's been for Reggae!


Despite being locked down without any festivals or big events globally, all we had was a few insta lives and streaming shows. It's the greatness of the music being released that has kept us going. The fraternity has been working hard. It's amazing what time off the road can do for the output of reggae music from Jamaica.

We consulted with our Dubwise DJ family, and it was hard to pick just 5 that you must download or stream, but we got it down to 5 + 1 bonus. We will be back with an update in 2 weeks for September. Yes, we already know what's coming...just wait!!

1. Like Royalty - Protoje + Popcaan - This is a certified anthem and one of the realest songs. No one can argue with hearing Skull on a reggae riddim...IN LOIIFEEEEE

2. Lockdown - Koffee - This is a summer anthem that will keep 2020 immortalized in the best possible way...We needed a relevant Covid and quarantine reggae tune.

3. Thy Will - Lila Iké - We'll get into why Lila's entire EP could fit in this slot, but the message and the foundation riddim of 'Baltimore' seals up this pick.

4. Same Prayer - Chronixx feat Kabaka Pyramid - When this came out - We needed prayerful tunes to balance off the energy. We can always count on Chron-man to deliver these vibrations and Baka to pack the lyrical punch.

5. Everything Bless - Akae Beka (Vaughn Benjamin) This is his first official posthumous release and we just miss this voice and presence on the scene. Up inna Zion Vaughn!

6. BONUS Blessed - Buju Banton - For an artist to make relevant music 30 years into his career is a feet many could only dream of. Who can get tired of the Gargamel's voice? Not Dubwise.


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