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5Gs by Runkus represents what's right.


Runkus is no stranger to music making. Let's cover the basics: He's the son of Determine (Kette Drum alongside Beenie man). He is a multi-talented instrumentalist, producer and can write, sing, dj, and sing jay. He sits in a very comfortable place, he can do dancehall, traphall...(if that's a thing), reggae, roots, and probably five other genres. He may be considered 'emerging', but that would only be the case if you were not paying attention. He has performed at Live From Kingston (2014), Dubwise Miami and plenty of shows in Jamaica including some international touring.

Since 2020 has begun, Runkus has been applying pressure. He did a remix to Brik pon Brik which was fire, and has been doing a series of collabs namely, Luciano, a soon to be released collab with Jesse Royal, Ky-mani Marley and more.

5G: To get five Rastaman to voice on one track is no easy accomplishment, and if his artist rating amongst artists was not high, it would never ever happen. That being said, it did, and what we are sure is being asked is who had the tightest verse. Let the crowd decide...Listen and get used to Runkus. Roots reggae purists who don't enjoy artists that jump skillfully between Dancehall sounds and Reggae, sorry. 😑

Sing Jesse's hook: Might cost my life but mi nah stop till the people get wiiiissse.

Big up the G's Kabaka Pyramid, Royal Blu, Munga Honorable.


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